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7 Features To Consider Before You Buy A Hydraulic Pump

When you buy a hydraulic pump for the first time, you have to consider many factors, such as maximum pressure, noise level, manual force and more. In other words, you need to think about your needs and how you want to operate the pump. The following describes some features that you should consider before purchasing this device for the first time. Read on for more information.

1. Hydraulic oil viscosity

Fluid viscosity is a term used to describe the thickness of a fluid. This number will help you get a better idea of your hydraulic pump’s performance. Most farms have a maximum kinematic viscosity score that you must follow.

If the viscosity is too low, the efficiency of the device will be negatively affected. Similarly, too high a viscosity can cause mechanical problems.

2. Liquid type

It is important to remember that the type of fluid used in the hydraulic system must also match the specifications of the pump. Most pumps only support standard hydraulic fluids. Usually the fluid is based on mineral oil. In general, it has good lubricating properties and a relatively high boiling point.

So what you need to do is choose a unit based on the type of fluid used in your system.

3. Traffic

To calculate the current, you need to consider the three parameters below:

displacement value

pump efficiency

Pump Speed (RPM)

Typically, pumps are rated by flow rate in gallons per minute. Based on this number, you can get an idea of how much fluid they can move in a given amount of time to meet your needs.

4. Power curve or rated torque

To get a better idea of a pump’s power, you need to consider two factors: speed and torque. If you want to determine your power needs, you should focus on torque values.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to achieve your desired torque, you need to get the best machine possible.

5. speed

The operating speed of the pump is measured in RPM produced by the drive shaft. Depending on the design of the pump, it can deliver higher or lower speeds.

6. Maximum working pressure

In general, hydraulic pumps are designed to perform best at an ideal operating pressure. If the working pressure is too low or too high, the pump cannot generate pressure. Therefore, you should consider this factor before buying a pump.

7. Maintenance Time and Cost

Finally, you need to consider the maintenance time and cost of the hydraulic pump you buy. Some of these devices are expensive to maintain and so they may not be the ideal choice for you.

Long story short, here are 7 features to consider before investing in the hydraulic pump you want for the first time.



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